No Candy

Anniko van Santen

 We shot the very mysterious and amazing Anniko van Santen which is out now in stores. It was our last production of 2017! So this would be the time to wish you all happy holidays and an amazing, creatitive but formost (s) candalicious Newyear!!!!  Cheers from us and see you all in the newyear, xxx M&M 

Congrats to Lilian Marijnisse!!!!

 Last year we shot Lilian Marijnissen as the new prominent member of the Socialist Party. Last week she was chosen to become the new leader of the party!!!! We want to congratulate Lilian for becoming the first ever party leader throwing ketchup at us!  

Konami Code

Our website has a secret level. Curious to see it? Go back to the home page and punch in the Konami code. Konami code? Computer and gameing nerds might know what we are talking about. But if you don't have a clue, here's how it works. You need to visit our site on a laptop or desktop computer with a keyboard (does NOT work on mobile or tablet). Punch in the following code using your arrow and letter keys: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a. Be sure to turn up de volume and enjoy! 

Eureka Moment!!!!

 Last weekend our cover which we shot for Sir Edmund found it's way to the stores. Since the dark months can always use a bit of color, we are happy to provide some pink and green to sprakle those dark and cold days!

Columbus Travel out NOW!!!

For Columbus Magazine we travelled to the far west of Canada way up north from Vancouver Island to a small idyllic secluded resort called Nimmo Bay where we were pampered with true adventures from hiking through the massive, dark forests, whilst smashing through the waters with the fastest speedboats, hopping on helicopters and seaplanes whilst spotting the most amazing wildlife above and unde water. All this totally on our own, as in these parts of the world mass tourism is (still) not there.

The 26 page spread with our amazing photography is out NOW!!!! 

Prosthesis on the cover of FD

 Arm madness when it comes to an extra pair of prosthesis portrayed with the magician of all prosthesis, mr Frank Jol. In the interview he states how he helped pretty much all Dutch athletes for the Paralympics. Also he didn't mind taking hie clothes off... check out the entire interview on our site! 

Daan Roosegaarde on a roll!!!

For De Morgen, a Belgium based magazine, we shot Daan Roosegaarde, the world wide known light artist phenomenon. Lights and stars was our way to go. Magazine out now!!!

Berend Boudewijn in Volkskrant Magazine!!!!

One of our favorite clients asked us to shoot Berend Boudwijn for their first issue of the fall. Boudewijn, a distinguished director who served for over four decades, was a very willing victim in our small studio. Here you see the publication. 

Introducing our NEW intern Laura!!!!!!

 YES!!!!! Laura is our newest family member, we welcome you and hope you enjoy the ride!!! Look how happy she is... wondering that will last ;-) Just kidding. 

Schiphol Campaign OUT and ABOUT!

 Walking around our international airport Schiphol and seeing your own work in big banners hanging is always a big, great surprise. Super proud when we saw this. 

Shooting the MoneYou campaign

For ABN's internet bank MoneYou, we were asked to shoot their complete rebranding for Europe. It took seven days in the studio to shoot all images, obviously after we were one big happy family... This shot is one of the models who was able to JUMP to a split REALLY high. 


For our own project we decided to shoot TWINS who don't really look like twins... Every age passed our camera, creating a full scale and a diverse range of people. For us NO CANDY girls this was the first real new self-assigned series we shot in years. Soon more info, for now a backstage image!

Joel Beukers ROCKED it!

For Parool, we shot Joel Beukers who insisted on making himself even more beautiful...

Tom Dumoulin wins the Giro D'Italia

Two years ago we shot this guy for Helden magazine and yesterday he wrote history by winning the Giro d'Italia as the first dutch cyclist EVER. We are very proud and wanna congrat him on this amazing win!!!!! 

Cover time all the way!

 The first quarter of 2017 we were all over the place with great new covers for several magazines, as seen here, FD magazine, Parool PS and WINQ. Moving forward to some new inspiring ones!

Sir Edmund cover!

 Women in Menopauze. That's what we needed to portray for the cover of Sir Edmund. We thought it worked pretty damn good with this one!

Voting Time!!!!

 Today we vote, high up in the sky overlooking our beautiful city! 

Finally out, Lilian Marijnissen and The Angry Woman

For Volkskrant and VONK magazine we shot a back to back full on color portrait serie. With Lilian we played with ketchup all the way, check it out on our work page!

Too confrontational???

The photograph we made as an illustration for a story about child abuse, did not make it to print and was subsituted for an another at the last moment. Why? Because some people of the editorial office found our image too confrontational. We were dissappointed of course, because in our minds a story like the one published should be confrontational.


Hearts and more hearts for a shoot with Jan Drost the epic 'Love Doctor', portraits for an editorial spread in the Volkskrant. And yes we fell a little in love again...

Columbus Covers back to back January & February issue!!!

 For Columbus Travel we were granted a cover from one of our travel editorials out of Mustang, Nepal. Next to that we shot the january cover in our studio in Amsterdam with Dutch celebraties who love to travel. To completly different covers with the same goal: make people travel more outside their comfort zone...

New Cover FD

Yes! It's out, the new cover we made for FD Magazine, about 'Stapelaars'.

Burn baby, BURN!

For AVROTROS, a dutch broadcasting network, we were asked to create and fix press images for a new TV show named 'Ten Strijde' or translated 'Going into Battle'. Obviously we did exactly that, going into battle with a few extra's... 

Exhibition Time!!!!

We were asked to showcase one of the portaits we shot for Volkskrant Magazine for a group exhibition celebrating only politicians. This because of the upcoming elections in March. Our image will be the one of the VP of the Netherlands Mr Lodewijk Asscher. Come and join us on the 15th of March when they announce the winner of the exhibition in the gallery 'De Gang' in Haarlem. 

Numbers and Letters...

For magazine VONK we were allowed to scribble on a face together with de design company Studio BAR. Here the published issue.

New Cover!!!!

Volkskrant Magazine new cover done by us CANDY girls! Yes, it was another fun day with lots of rose peddles thrown everywhere at the office with the Dutch vice-president. 

Jumping Jack Flash

For a new campaign for KPN we shot Timor jumping up and down in front of lots of cameras. Many cameras make many images and create a funky moving still image. Soon to be seen across the internet. 

Bumping into some of our work

On our way to our next appointment we accidently bumped into our Rabobank Campaign hanging behind bars... It's always a cool sight to see your work hanging out and about! #proud


Here a sneak peak on how we evolve an idea from the drawing board into a final publication.This image was conceptually shot for Volkskrant's magazine 'Vonk', where teacher Lofti is shown as someone who managed to climb up the education steps on his own. 

New Work in FD!!!

 Well it's that time of year again when all of the sudden all our previous work is publicised at the same time! Here one from FD magazine concerning sabbaticals taken when being high on working ladder. 

Radboud Universiteit

 In the newspaper! New commercial work we shot in collaboration with agency Dear for the Radbout University. It's a serie of three images showing their 'change prospectives', that's why you see two images of the same person from a different angle and color feel. 

Sneak Preview Miss Etam Summer Campaign!

Yes. We did fashion. And loved every minute of it!

For Miss Etam, a dutch clothing firm, and together with No Office, we created a small, coloufurl film and gif animation with their new sparkling 2016 summer collection. The pinkish image you see here is a very sneak peak from what is coming... soon!

Rabobank Campaign on the streets

Together with advertising agency Ogilvy we shot the Rabobank campaign for the road towards the Olympics. Today it finally hit the streets and yes we are most definitly proud with the final result! 

Steadicam Heaven

 For three new advertising films we used the steadicam to get things well, steady. Great little new toy with lots of potential, as we soon found out. And yes we love our shoes ;-) 

One Lost Outdoor Poster

 For Radio 538 we shot the boys Coen & Sander. This is the final outdoor poster we received from the agency which we proudly put up in our office! 

It's a WRAP!!!!

 A very happy art-director jumped in between the two models after finalizing the session for their image. The rest of us did the same a couple of hours later with the last image. This is how a bunch of happy campers look like. The sound of a warm 'IT'S A WRAP' has never been sweeter. 

Shooting in the winter... always a challenge for the models when SUPER cold. We tried to keep them warm with 6000 blankets and it seemed to help. 

Creative with flowers

For a new serie for Volkskrant's Sir Edmund, we shot images which included real flowers put on the images after the initial shoot. And of course shot the whole thing again. We most def got creative with flowers and it turned out be a very creatve afternoon session at the NO CANDY headquarters! 

Work Stress

Want to take a look in the agenda of this police officer? Or are you more interested in what a day looks like for a doctor or an accountant or a farmer? It's all revealed on the website made by BKB, featuring our GIF animations.

KPN Play

Sometimes the world is nicer up-side-down. At least when dancer Natascha is performing. This is one of her many beautiful moves while hanging in our trapeze for our KPN commercial.

Coen & Sander

Dutch DJ's Coen and Sander cycling on their Urban Arrow through Holland. Well, almost... because with a green screen anything is possible.

Filming in the cold a real treat in Holland ;-)

 Durgerdam remains our most favorite place for filming and shooting even when it's freezing cold and early in the morning. Still, when it's in the most beautiful place you don't care. 

Morphsuits. Why?

Sometimes an idea should stay an idea... especially when the idea involves morphsuits. And even more so when there is no model to wear the morphsuit resulting in us having to wear them ourselves. Oh well, we did have a good laugh during the shoot, as you can well imagine!

Happy Clients

Sometimes it's just really nice to get a little thank you note from happy clients. 


And for the second time we went into the Rabbithole, this time for Volkskrant Magazine who re-used our rabbit images for a new article about  test animals. 

Duck tape rocks. Always.

 For the boys of Detroit Swindle, a DJ duo, we were allowed to make a new set of press images for their new website. The whole thing ended up to be true NO CANDY style shoot involving lots and lots of duck tape which is always a plus. Never leave home without. Complete serie soon to be out!

Want to know more about the models in our new campaign? Read their personal stories and more about the background of the campaign on the platform. 

New Cover for Vonk Magazine

 We shot a cool new cover for Vonk Magazine and thanks to our lovely model Djoeke we were able to fly it through!  

Ink & Pipettes!

 It's all about ink & pippetes ones again for our cool client from the south of Holland where we ones again worked on our ongoing portraits for Brightlands. 

Something is cooking in that coffee!

 So we are trying out all sorts of new stuff for the PR images of an upcoming DJ duo who we also photographed last year... If you know who you will receive two thumbs up from the both of us. Until then we need to keep it a bit hush hush...

Bloody Cover

We shot the cover for Sir edmund together with two extra images in honour of the 'Thriller Book Week'. What else to expect of a thriller: blood, strangulation and death. It was a bloody hard job but we managed with a smile.

Colourful splashes in the making...

Yes! We're back in fixing the next set of portraits for the Brightland Campaign in collaboration with the cool design company Zuiderichtfrom Maastricht.It's all about moving coloured ink on top of portraits. Always a challenge to create, however the end result is very well worth it! 

Interesting tripod usage...

 For a big assignment in which us CANDY girls will be doing a TVC and an outdoor photography campaign, we needed to check how to combine the two with alternative shooting methods. From all the things available we just didn't have the tripod so we needed to improvise. Long live the trashcan!

Selfie Time!!!

 Whilst shooting for Aegon, Dennis van der Geest wanted to take a selfie of all of us. Obviously we didn't protest.

Cycle Mania #2

Extreme accurate information for our post guy. Somehow he managed to understand our scribbles and perfected the serie with Michael Boogerd shot for Playboy magazine. 

Cover Sir Edmund

We shot the cover for the Sir Edmund. We wanted it red, they wanted it yellow. They won.

Braille Writing

 For a shoot for FD magazine we used braille writing on top of three portraits to enhance the idea of 'touch'...  

NO CANDY for sale!?

 Walking through one of the many cool shopping streets Amsterdam owns, we came across this little sign... Made us smile, hope it does it for you too! Happy Wednesday, grtzz, from us CANDY girls!

New campaign Zuyderland going off in the South of Holland!

Last month just before we left for New York,  we shot the new campaign for Zuyderland, the new name for a big hospital chain in Limburg, a provence in the south of Holland. Today in the heat of the summer,  the 8 different portraits hit the streets in an outdoor frenzie. 

Outdoor campaign for UMC shown again in Utrecht!

Last spring we shot the campaign for the UMC an hospital chain in Utrecht area. This year they are showing the campaign once more in the Utrecht area. Both images will also be shown on big landscape billboards througout the city. 

Zuiderlicht showing off their new website portraits

And there they are!!! 23 fun, crazy and out of the box webportraits for the cool design agency Zuiderlicht from Maastricht. What a fun day it was to get all their staff in front of our camera non of them being shy with our request of pulling faces at the camera!

Portfolio presentation in NYC... what a crazy, cool ride for us Candygirls!

Yes people! We just got back from a week of crazyness in the Big Apple, where we presented our work to 25 potential clients in three very manic days,  including advertising companies, editorial magazines and agents. It was honestly, like speeddating on massive amounts of acid... To be continued!


Lecturing about NO CANDY...

We were invited by design agency Zuiderlicht to give a lecture about our work. Not only a great agency that we have had the chance to work with, but also in our favorite city Maastricht. We dare say: it was a huge succes!

Old & New Lives

For FD Magazine we got three individuals in front of our camera who changed their lives 360 degree. We managed to create a candylicious bridge between the old and new live. Here a little backstage look . The client liked the final so much they granted us the cover!

Cycling Mania

For Playboy Magazine we were sent out to shoot Michael Boogerd, a dutch cyclist who was caught using dope after his career and who now is coaching the dutch cycling team. Here a backstage image from the typical dutch fields, soon the real deal! 

Something With Pills

Pills & kids. Weird combination but very necessary for a new article in Volkskrant Sir Edmund. Us CANDY girls were allowed to shoot the cover for this issue which will be out at the end of March. Obviously we threw  the pills all over the place and made it look like candilicious CANDY. Soon more!

Shooting a DJ in Rotterdam!

For KLM's Holland Herald we we're rushed off to Rotterdam's NHow hotel near the famous Erasmus bridge. It was there we're we came in contact with the famous DJ we needed to shoot for the June issue of HH. Obviously for now it is a secret who that was, but let just say it was a charming encounter between us Candygirls and this goodlucking music lover. Soon more!

Down The Rabbit Hole...

Ahhh, what a fun day it was in the studio for us CANDY girls, when we were allowed to play with white, fluffy bunnies, deep dark black holes and colourfull landscapes, shooting April's cover and spread for FD Outlook Magazine. Complete serie is in the shops NOW!!!!!

New intern from Austria!

Introducing our new intern Werner all the way from Austria to all of you, cruising his way into the latest NO CANDY shoot! Welcome Werner!!!

Something Colorfull

New portrait work in progress. Something with lots of color, cutting & drawings. And objects. Obviously. NO CANDY once more on a roll... Series soon to be out.

Before & After...

Many people ask us how we come to a new concept and creation thinking that most is done in photoshop. Well, it's not. Most is done completely manual mixing prints with objects and then photographing them again. A lot of work, however the end result is always that cherry on that big cake we are looking for. Here an example of our latest project for Sir Edmund seen from practicaly the beginning till end.

Ali B. getting a special haircut!

It was a fun day getting Ali B. to the hairdresser making sure he would get a new hairdue. With a little help from a special make-up artist he was turned into a bald guy... 

Portfolio interview NO CANDY for Marketing tribune!!!!

We were asked to give an interview about our work (portfolio) for the Marketing Tribune, a magazine distributed amongst all advertising piers within the Netherlands. Quite the honour.   

World Record Broken!!!!

It was a busy night when 163 men were lined up to have there picture taken. Twice. One of the hairy-faced men before their Movember shave down and one of their naked faces after. It was a big succes because Movember broke the world record for the most shaves in 6 hours. And we're sure we must have broke some record too, with our guerilla photoshoot!

Christmas came early this year!

After weeks of production and prepping with our great team of setbuilders, stylist, DOP, gaffers, artdirector, make-up artist and lighters, we now await the premier of our first TVC for Praxis' Christmas tree. It will air on the 30th of November. 

Cloggies in the far east!!!

If you happen to be in Ningbo, China on Monday 22nd of September, than be sure to go the International Short Film Festival. Our film Cloggies has been nominated in the documentary competition. We are working too hard to go ourselves, but please let us know how it was!

Rig Mania!!!!!!

We filmed the 2014 Movember campaign in the scenic village of Durgerdam with an interesting special rig device mounted onto Robert Berger's Red EPIC camera. This is what you call the ultimate selfie!!!

Barbering & Cutting away

In preperation for the filming of the 2014 Movember campaign, the barber of Cut Throat Barber took care of our actor's hairy face. Just like all Mo Bro's world wide, our Movember film starts with a clean shaven face. But it doesn't have to end that way... Our film can be seen when the Movember campaign is launched on the 16th of October.

And God created Arie

Getting the true Dutch feel going on with Arie Boomsma, strolling through the Dutch fields whilst drinking milk from glass bottles in search for cows. 

Café Sjiek

We were off to the south of Holland to shoot a new campaign 'Brightlands' for the province of Limburg. Whilst in Maastricht we couldn't resist ourselves to eat with the crew at Café Sjiek, also known for their world famous 'Suervleisch dish.' The logo as seen in the image here, was created by the same agency, Zuiderlicht, who also created 'Brightlands'. 

Chip & Dale

Even us CANDY girls need new portraits from time to time to show the world exactly who we are. 

Hello Mirjam!

We welcome and throw into the deep, our new intern Mirjam. She will assist us through the dark days of the upcoming winter of '14/ '15. She seems like she's got it all under controle. Question is... for how long?

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!

We won in three categories at the Prix de Paris! The PX3 is an annual photo competition which attracts thousands of photographers from around the world. Actually winning in some of the categories  is an absolute honour. NO CANDY won in the categorie Fine Art & Portraits, two time Silver and one time Bronze. All three series were shot for Volkskrant Magazine. Next to that we also got an Honarable mention in the category Advertising! We say, champagne for everybody!!!!!


The build up during our Playboy shoot in the radio studio of Dutch radio broadcasting network, 538, was enormous. For we would be interviewd by DJ Ruud de Wild himself! Our answer to his first question "who are you" was very explanetory: "We are the photographers". 
It's obvious that we need some media training, for we never got another chance to promote ourselves during the interview. 

Wilfried de Jong

Some sketches and some yarn. And a fun shoot with Wilfried de Jong in his hometown. All the material needed for a new series for Volkskrant Magazine. 

Pokon in Adformatie

 We hope hope the 'cultuurstekkie' is a succes and Pokon manages to raise enough money to sponsor new talent. We're sure reviews like this one in today's Adformatie will help!

Sanoma Media Matters

Sanoma Media Matters is a two day event in which Sanoma opens her doors for her network and relations, offering inspirational presentations about everything to do with media and (digital) marketing. The theme of SMM was 'Make it happen. Get the future'. Sanoma thought NO CANDY fitted the theme and invited us to present. Exciting! 

Pokon supports new talent!

Today is the launch of Pokon's new product 'het Cultuurstekkie (the Culture Sprig)'. All the revenue of the sales will be donated to the culture sector in the Netherlands, to help promote and develop new talent. 5 succesfull actors and actresses, Anna Drijver, Jeroen Krabbe, Marcel Musters, Liz Snooijink and Hadewych Minis, have offered their help with the promotion of the product. NO CANDY collaborated with No Office and Wolf Concepts to make something really special of the portraits. 

Please check more news from the Cultuurstekkie on

Greetings from the studio!

Together with agency Curiosity, NO CANDY shot the new campaign for The Gelders Orchestra. Whilst in the studio the kids of the campaign wanted to say 'hi' to ya all!

Splashing away with ecoline!

NO CANDY had a fun day playing & creating new ecoline moves in the water which were later implemented in the images shot for Volkskrant Magazine with Jessica Durlacher & hubby Leon de Winter.

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Jeroen Krabbé cycling off after the shoot with lots of Pokon stuff!!!

After the second shooting session for client Pokon concerning the new Cultuurstekkie campaign, actor Jeroen Krabbé cycled off with new Pokon stuff for his garden...

The complete campaign to be launched as of the 22nd of May...

Youtube Mania!

Getting them together in the studio was the easy part, keeping them together during the shoot was another thing... 5 young upcoming and big internet guru's all wanted a big piece for the cover of the Adformatie. 

Shooting away on the beach!!!

 For the UMC campaign we needed a beautiful day early March and that's what we got! The first sunny day and we were out shooting away in the dunes and on the beach creating a cool, new campaign!

Our first 3D spread out now!

 We are quite smitten with our 3D double portraits shown in this month issue of Quote magazine! Please check it out! 

Amazing Playboy shoot with Ancilla Tilia!

We just finished an incredible shoot with the lovely Ancilla Tilia, soon to be a new member of the Amsterdam city councel. The magical location and our amazing team made our inspiration go to the next level... Serie soon to be published!

We're once again in the news!

Our 'Femen' project with which we wanted to promote ourselves to several Dutch advertising agencies in a playful way, became news once again on the Digifotopro site. Good to see we are still the talk of the town!

Eneco commercial wrapped!!

Super proud to present ACHTUNG!'s commercial for Eneco that we directed. We worked together with an amazing team and had a great time making it!

On the cover of Volkskrant Magazine!

We're very excited about our Volkskrant Magazine cover!! The responses we are getting are great and we have to say we love the way it looks. Hope you do too!  

Playboy Tech issue out now!

Want to get an update on all the newest gadgets and technical snufs? Run to the store and get the new issue of the Playboy! And in the mean time you can enjoy the photo's of Boris Veldhuizen van Zanten that we made.


We were asked to do a big presentation during VROAAM, a yearly career-day for designers, photographers and other creatives, about NO CANDY as a brand. Quite the honour and very exciting! The venue was fully packed, would people like our story? We were both quite nervous but that wasn't necessary as they loved our story. Up the next!

Diet apple juice?

Busy with the campaign for the winter edition of Appelsap, a yearly hiphop festival that usually takes place in the summer in Amsterdam's Oosterpark. This year there's a winter edition, Appelsap Light, that will take place in the city of light, Eindhoven. Our favorite DOP Robert M. Berger filmed with a RED EPIC camera and had it mounted on a very special gadget, the MoVi M10. Next week we're going into sound and edit, so we're very excited!!     



Yes!! We just landed an exciting directing job and all we can say is that there is a zebra involved. Very excited to work with Achtung! and make a kick ass video for their client. 

Happy 2014!!!

Happy New Year!!! 2014 is starting with a blast for us NO CANDY girls, because we just finished shooting a fun series for Playboy Magazine. We made Boris van Zanten's boyhood dream come true and let him build his own robot. The final images will come soon. But in the mean time, here's a quick peek behind the scenes.

Detroit Swindle

We had a party making the press pictures for DJ duo, Detroit Swindle. They gathered their friends in the Chicago Social Club on a Friday afternoon, played their tunes and NO CANDY was there to shoot them surfing the crowd, even though they weren't actually surfing themselves...

Welcome to our new website!!!!

YES!!! So happy and so proud! Thank you No Office for the amazing design. We absolutely love it! And Mikoon, thanks so much for building it all.

Please enjoy our work!


Tim 'New Kid' Haars out NOW!

During the X-mas Playboy launch party we were finally able to see the end result of our explosive shoot with the cool Tim Haars. This edition is out NOW!

Caught in a rugby scrum!

For a special announcenment concerning the Mo Sista's NO CANDY shot the Dutch Female Rugby team and tackled them with muddy moustaches.

NO CANDY nominated with 'Cloggies'!!!

We were soooooooo excited when we got the news that our first documentary film 'Cloggies' was nominated for the Berlin Short Film Festival. Obviously NO CANDY was off to Berlin. Although we didn't run off with the award, seeing 'Cloggies' on the big screen in a fully packed cinema was already the best prize we could get!

True Ruby Wax fans we are...

We couldn't help ourselves since she is an iconic hero of ours: getting Miss Ruby Wax in front of our camera's for Volkskrant Magazine, obviously meant she had to pose with us candy girls for a terrible fan picture.  

Another day at the office

Because Tim 'New Kid' Haars just didn't wanted a normal portrait serie, NO CANDY decided to create an action packed shoot were explosions, fire and circus acts with amongst other's a bike were the main focus.  

The Storm hits the German city of Cologne!

Meanwhile in Cologne, Germany, NO CANDY's image of Dennis Storm is hitting the streets at the Cologne Art-Fair.

Editing MOVEMBER film!!!

Yes!! After 4 days of filming 33 men and their moustaches, we're finally ready to edit!!  

Volkskrant in shops right now!

NO CANDY's torn photo's of Atilay Uslu in the Volkskrant Magazine look great!


In the fall of 2013 SCARS, the theatre production of De Utrechtse Spelen, premiered in schools around the Netherlands. The theatre poster travelled with the show.


Movember (a word combination of moustache and November) is an annual, month-long event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November. By encouraging men (which the charity refers to as Mo Bros) to grow and show their moustache during November, they aim to raise awareness of prostate cancer and to raise money for cancer research.

NO CANDY is asked by the Dutch Movember team, housed at BKB, to help with creating the campaign that hopefully will encourage Dutch men to join the cause. NO CANDY is very excited to be able to participate in such a great initiative!

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